The Mansfield Rotary Club invites you to proudly display the American Flag in front of your home or business.  

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Enrollment Period : March 1st - April 30th 

Our subscription service starts each year on Memorial Day (May - April). 

Our Subscription Program runs for 1 year at $60.00 per year. After signing up, we will verify that your address in on a current flag route and you are eligible for the service, then we will email you an invoice.  

Upon receipt of payment the flag, Rotarians will visit the address where you want flags displayed and will install a sleeve in the ground for each flag you order and flag service will start with Memorial Day.  

The sleeve is about 15 inches long and is buried in the ground.  A cap is placed on the top end of the sleeve to prevent dirt from entering the sleeve. 

We will place a 3x5 foot American Flag on a 10 foot pole along the street in front of your home or business for seven different holidays per year as listed below.

What Days are Flags displayed?

Memorial Day

Flag Day

Independence Day 

Labor Day - Patriot's Day (9/11)

Veteran's Day 

President's Day 


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Your Support of this program helps Mansfield Rotary provide service to your community. Some programs which have benefited are: Katherine Rose Memorial Park special needs play area, Habitat for Humanity, Methodist Mansfield Hospital, MISD education assistance, Local Boy Scout Troops and MISD School Literacy projects.


For the annual subscription fee, the Rotary Club of Mansfield agrees to place an American Flag at the subscriber's address on the seven designated holidays each year for 1 year. It is the subscriber's responsibility to follow all flag etiquette during the display period.  In the case of inclement weather the flag may not be displayed.

The subscriber  authorizes the placement of the pipe sleeve in the ground, flush with the surface, at the location where the flag will be placed.  

The subscriber also authorizes painting a small colored Rotary emblem on the curb to indicate the location of the sleeve.

At the end of the 1 year subscription you will be emailed an invoice to renew your flag service. 




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